NETCAST BPO Services is a team of experts in the fields of technology, client management and operational delivery.We have a wealth of talent representing over 100+ years of experience creating sales delivery, customer service, cost effective contact management and customized software solutions.
We have a solution for your current challenges. Leveraging the team’s talents we are able to create a unique solution, tailor made for your company’s business challenges. If you…

• Require more capacity for contact handling.
• Need to reduce operating costs.
• Increase customer satisfaction scores.
• Need a partner that listens and works with you to develop better service offerings.
• Increase revenue performance.

Our Approach

Fundamentally, we are managed and driven on the core belief that people do business with people.  We believe that while a client’s brand may attract a customer to use, the “interaction” with that brand’s people and representatives (whether in-house or outsourced) is what influences and enables those customers to stay and increase their lifetime value and loyalty to that brand.  This is a reality that persists even in the age of anonymous online communications and one-click shopping. 

Our services are designed to enhance the quality of these interactions at every stage in the customer lifecycle, from identification and acquisition of new customers, to customer care for existing customers, to the provision of technical support, help desks and assistance in managing receivables.  We approach every customer relationship as an opportunity to build a brand, your brand and strengthen our client’s relationship with their customers. 

Complete Project Planning

•Ensure full compliance and enhanced performance delivered from first stage of implementation.
•Apply extreme attention and planning during conversion process. 
•Project plan creation for every facet of implementation.  Will include full consideration necessary to plan and execute every element of conversion.

Data Mapping

•Determine database requirements  as to size, layout and ability to retrieve.
•Develop existing NETCAST systems specifically to meet requirements for retrieving individual records, developing analytic reports from data sorts.

KPI Measurement & Implementation

•Identify and determine tracking for each KPI.
•Develop specialized training and compliance agreements for all service staff.
•Implement full disclosure reporting ensuring that every level of the organization is accountable and clearly understands what must be achieved and what is being delivered.

About Us

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