“We are in business to utilize our many years of experience in both domestic and offshore contact center operations

leveraging excellent technology platforms, developed to provide to our Clients and their Customers the highest level of

 contact center support available in a multimedia environment, while being mindful of the responsibility we have to our

employees, their families and our owners’ interests.”

About Us

vision, Mission & Values


At ACCC / NETCAST, our core values define who we are and why you should partner with us:

Integrity: We act ethically, honestly and with accountability in all dealings. We maintain honesty in every relationship, be it with our customers, employees, partners, shareholders and suppliers.

Teamwork: We encourage our team to work together and celebrate each other success. We provide a positive atmosphere to learn and grown professionally. Communication and respect are the keystones of what makes our team work so well.

Customer Satisfaction: Meeting and exceeding customer expectations is our passion. Providing excellent customer service and innovate product solutions is at the heart of ACCC / NETCAST. Quality, efficiency, and increased revenue are why our clients continue to partner with us.

To provide the best service possible by exceeding the expectations of our customers every day. Our mission goes beyond increasing your sales revenues. Our passion is to foster relationships with your customers to strengthen your brand and turn every sale into an opportunity for cross-selling and up-selling.