Telecom Infrastructure

• Telecom node in USA CoLo, Los Angeles, CA

• Inbound capacity with all major carriers including AT&T, Verizon, Level3 and Qwest

• CRM platform  is the “Five9” system - a completely unified solution providing:

       • —Highly scalable, multichannel contact center solution
—       • Incorporates all hardware and software to provide full phone switch as well as CRM software across all channels
—       • Queuing and routing of traditional inbound and outbound phone calls as well as email, chat, fax and web callback requests
—       • Enables organizations to communicate more effectively with their customers
—       • Provides compliant blended predictive and preview dialing, IVR and call recording

NETCAST Telco Advantage

•Carrier grade switches located in Los Angeles which provides easy connection with all domestic carriers.

•Fully hosted Contact Center  environment – accessible from all contact centers.

•Ability to activate new toll free numbers within 24 hours vs. 30-45 days if through other Carriers; NETCAST is one of the very few Philippine call center with the capability for quick activation of 800 numbers and a constant monitoring of global telecom activity.

•Proactively monitor the network on a dedicated basis for multiple clients.

•Provide 99.9% call completion rates

•Provide international TFNs and Local numbers globally

•Telecom grade equipment in use – not “call center” grade

•Tailored solutions specific to NETCAST client’s requirements.

•Proactive Call flow management in real time.