Email Customer Support

•Mailflow Email Support:
     •Integrated with phone switch, browser based Email response system
     •Allows us to answer customer inquiries quickly and efficiently
     •Promotes accurate responses, Every email is spell checked before it’s sent out
     •Contains powerful email routing and workflow processing
     •Utilizes a centralized library of standard responses to customer inquiries
     •Able to create blended jobs containing Inbound/Outbound calls with Email response when agents are available
•Comprehensive reporting and analysis
     •Access to customer communications history
     •Robust security
     •Integrated logging and alerting

Website Chat Support

     •Web-based chat: Real-time communications between a customer and agent.
     •Intelligent chat: Customer key word matches automated response.
     •Share web pages (co-browsing)
     •Push a predefined or unique URL.
     •Ability to select predefined response templates