•Dual 100mb fiber optic international private lines from different carriers using different routes from LA to Manila and dual 50mb point to point lines from LA to San Marcos, CA (used for both voice and data)
•Call prompting & IVR available
•100% Call recording via Five9 to record, retain, and retrieve calls
•Integrated CTI allows desktops to pop screens, know when calls begin/end and supplement client systems
•Web based Click to Call to instantly create a call to customer while still on website


•Licensed Seats configured to dial in preview or predictive mode
•Used for B2C and B2B campaigns
•Compliant with ALL FTC requirements:
•Telemarketing Sales Rule (TSR) and compliance options: FTC safe harbor call logging, caller ID, state and national

Do Not Call lists and others
•Patented predictive algorithm… drive stage based predicting for better granularity and agent utilization
•Flexible call back schedule:
     •Morning, afternoon, evening and Weekend hours
     •Support of all times zones including PST
     •All callbacks are based on time zone considerations


Inbound & Outbound

TELCO Capacity