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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why we should consider an Atlantic City call center for delivering our services?

The opportunity to partner with the NETCAST/ACCC team in Atlantic City will enable you to tap into one of the nation’s most experienced pools of customer management talent.  Moreover, given our pioneering position as the first contact center provider to establish operations subsequent to several major casino closures, your firm will benefit in the economic incentives we have been afforded to stimulate the local economy.  Ultimately, this will enable NETCAST/ACCC to deliver our services at a cost competitive to any region in the US coupled with access to a strong pool of educated, experienced and motivated customer relationship talent both domestically and abroad.

2. Why we should consider partnering with NETCAST/ACCC?

Our team boasts over 15 years of call center operating experience in the US and abroad.  Our Atlantic City contact center is the newest edition to our global operations, which include a state-of-the-art facility in the Philippines as well as affiliate partners in near shore markets.  Our management team has supported many of our clients for several years; highly indicative of our performance in a hyper-competitive outsourcing industry.  We get it!  You receive sales clutter from a myriad of vendors and after a while, sales pitches look exactly the same.  By selecting the wrong vendor, you’ll end up disappointed and searching for a replacement quickly…that is not the path we seek.  We counsel early on with prospective clients to reasonably establish a partner alignment.

3. Our philosophy is to keep everything in-house and not outsource, we are not looking at outsourcers right now.

We understand. Several of our clients felt the same way yet, when the time was right for their business to look to a third-party call center, they entrusted our team with that task given the strength of our long-standing partnerships and proven execution.  Notably, we began several of our current client partnerships as their overflow center.  Following a period of sustained high performance many clients have allocated an increased percentage (and in multiple cases 100%) of their volume to our team to manage on their behalf.  Whatever the current or future contact center needs you may have, we are here for you when the time is right for your team.

4. Who are your clients and what experience do you have?

Many of our clients you have heard of and some are emerging and niche brands.  Candidly, that is what makes us a unique provider in our space.  While we support several large brands, we also partner with clients with smaller agent and service requirements.  Our focus is simply to find the “right marriage” with your needs and, our delivery capabilities.  Once we mutually determine a delivery strategy, we invest in the right resources for your business and execute flawlessly to address your objectives.  What follows is a long-term trusted partnership that evolves with your business.  Our experience is primarily focused in inbound sales and customer care coupled with customized outbound programs.  For your reference, some of our clients include Holsted Jewelers, Norwegian Cruise Lines, Soft Surroundings, Twinstar International, Telebrands, and Dream Products among others.

5. What type of call center services do you offer?

Our delivery strengths are in the areas of inbound sales and customer care.  We also support clients through outbound initiatives as well; whether to acquire, retain or provide ongoing customer management to their customers.  Through our operations we are capable of handling the bilingual needs of our clients in English and Spanish to address their customer management needs.  Additional services we offer include web support (email, chat and social media support/monitoring) and back office support (data entry, transcription).

6. What type of technologies do you deploy in your call centers?

We leverage the latest in cloud-based contact center technologies, which enable flexible, highly scalable and cost-effective delivery of our services. This technology enables robust real-time reporting and gives our team excellent performance management tools to deliver service enhancements and desired results for our clients on a daily basis. These technologies coupled with our 24/7 staffed network operations center based in California, offer our clients the assurance that their contact center initiatives are thoroughly and professionally managed by the NETCAST/ACCC team each day.  Moreover our center is PCI compliant and follows a rigorous data security management protocol to protect the security and privacy of our client’s data.  Another unique value-add we offer is the fact that we maintain one of the largest toll-free (800 number) databases in the country and regularly provision new toll-free (and vanity) numbers for our clients within 24 hours!

7. How do you typically structure your client partnerships and pricing?

We approach the development of our client partnerships with flexibility in mind.  Given the varied and dynamic business challenges of each client, we offer a mix of outsourcing structures to accommodate the specific contact center needs and outcomes they seek.  Accordingly, we offer pricing from which our clients can leverage dedicated agents, shared agents or a hybrid mix to handle their customer transactions.  Pricing is generally arranged on a per hour, per minute, per transaction basis or, other mutually agreeable approaches can be reviewed.  Overall, the NETCAST/ACCC team will work closely with your organization early on to define and establish the partnership fit, which achieves the mutual performance and financial objectives of our two firms. 

8. We already have a savvy vendor management and procurement organization looking at vendors, why haven’t we heard of your organization?

Your vendor management team is likely knowledgeable of industry trends, yet they probably don’t spend 365 days a year evaluating new call center vendors; that is, until they are asked or, need to. Vendor selection activity at most corporations tends to heat up when contracts are due, vendors are underperforming, more capacity is needed, etc.  Thus, you only know who you (or your vendor team) knows.  With well over 5,000 companies delivering outsourced call center services in the US alone, we can probably agree, its very difficult for anyone to keep a tight pulse on the evolving vendor space.  Thus, our intent is simply introduce prospective clients to the NETCAST/ACCC team and share our capabilities and evaluate whether a fit exists. It has been our experience that some firms we come in contact with are not familiar with our firm (and to a degree, many other qualified firms) thus, please consider this communication as a “Hello” from the NETCAST/ACCC team to you.