•Internal Network
     •Interconnected via gigabit fiber backbone
     •Each company function is segregated for proper isolation and access control
     •Internet connectivity via redundant Philippines-USA links. Cisco ASA Firewall for Security
     •Internet facing servers in DMZ
     •Central Logging Server, File Integrity Monitoring, Intrusion Detection Systems in place
     •Microsoft WSUS and Symantec AV in place
     •Every component in the network has a hot swap backup and on the shelf spare parts

•Connectivity to External Systems:
     •Via VPN (preferred)
     •Via dedicated connection (i.e. MPLS)
     •Web based system at client site
     •Can connect to AS400/Unix systems running internally developed systems as well as proprietary systems  like CommercialWare,    

       Ecometry etc.
     •Can connect to Windows Terminal Services or Citrix to provide remote access to any windows based program
     •Satisfies issue of maintaining data in the USA


Data Systems &

Host Connections